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“Beyond Emotional Intelligence – Never Have Another Bad Day!” outlines the approach that has been developed over the last decade that will truly transform your life.  It’s different from emotional intelligence (EQ) in one major way…EQ is very reactive in that you are simply reacting to your emotions and the emotions of those around you.  Beyond Emotional Intelligence introduces a concept called emotional dexterity, which is a much deeper and proactive way to manage your emotional state and well being.  It starts with the foundation of the 7Cs – aka the mindset of optimal performance.  There are the foundational four, which form a solid mental base.  Then comes the transformational three, which will take you to the next level.  Next, we delve into a number of different underlying processes that impact our ability to more effectively and proactively manage our emotions: path dependence, the butterfly effect, compounding effect, the law of the process, triggers and hijackings, overcoming your fears, and so on.  Then the core AIRR skills are covered – identification, recognition, and response and you are provided with specific strategies to develop each of these skills.  Once you have mastered these three skills, the more advanced skill is where you learn to anticipate your triggers.  Then we cover emotional drivers, or different parts of each person that cause them to be predisposed to feeling certain emotions in certain contexts or situations. 

By learning about these drivers, you can develop strategies to be more actively involved in creating your desired emotional state and developing strategies where drivers predispose you to negative emotions in certain contexts.  Next, comes the concept of emotional creators, or how you can proactively and actively create your desired emotional state.  Finally, we apply these concepts to the following areas: improving athletic performance, improving performance at work or school, and reducing stress and anxiety in your life. This program contains hundreds of simple hacks you can incorporate into your daily life so that you too, can never have another bad day!

Unfortunately, there has not been anywhere to learn and understand the mindset and skills necessary to never have another bad day until now.

When people are under stress, they tend to act out-of-character, in ways that they normally would not act.  Many times, that causes conflict, both at work and at home.  This is why Dr. Drew Gold has made it his life’s work to develop an approach to master the skills and understanding of proactively managing your emotions through his approach “Beyond Emotional Intelligence”, to a skill he calls Emotional Dexterity.

Welcome to “Never Have Another Bad Day: Get Beyond Emotional Intelligence,” a two-day comprehensive training and certification course inspired by the transformative principles of “Beyond Emotional Intelligence: Never Have Another Bad Day!” This intensive program is designed to immerse you in the complete spectrum of Emotional Dexterity, equipping you with the skills and knowledge to navigate emotions with precision and confidence. Over two days, you will explore key concepts from the book, engage in practical exercises, and develop actionable strategies to enhance your emotional well-being and professional effectiveness. By the end of this course, you will not only gain a deep understanding of how to never have another bad day, but also earn a certification that recognizes your mastery in going beyond emotional intelligence. Join us for this life-changing experience and take the first step towards a more balanced, resilient, and fulfilling life.

More specifically, you will learn:

  • How to create a mindset / belief structure for optimal performance
  • Learn how to actively create more positive emotions in your life
  • Identify the main stressors in your life and learn how to reduce or eliminate their impact
  • Identify your emotional triggers and learn strategies to reduce their control over you
  • Analyze the sources of conflict in your life and develop strategies to reduce or eliminate them


This program will change your life in every aspect – both personal and professional!

Register NOW for this life-changing event!  The course is available in two formats:

Through a two-day, 16-hour comprehensive interactive high-energy workshop where you will leave a complete different person than when you arrived. These workshops can be facilitated at your location or at different off-site location.  Cost of the in-person workshop is $750 per person for the two days, with group discounts available.

Both courses include a copy of the book “Beyond Emotional Intelligence: Never Have Another Bad Day” and accompanying workbook by Dr. Drew Gold.

Upon completion you will receive a certificate of training in Emotional Dexterity.  Once you complete the basic course, you can register for the more advanced training “Getting Under the Hood” which does a much deeper dive into understanding and proactively managing your emotional drivers.

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