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How many times have you had to repeat yourself multiple times because the person you were communicating with did not understand what you were trying to say / do?  Have you ever failed to accomplish a specific task due to this lack of understanding?  People simply do not communicate effectively in today’s society.  Many have attributed this deterioration in communication skills to the rise of electronic communication…email, social media, text messing and the like.  When we communicate electronically, we lose a significant amount of information about our intent, emotions, etc.  Unfortunately, that poor communication has also crept into our face-to-face interactions.  Does any of this sound familiar?

Would you like to learn tools and techniques that will improve how you communicate with others?  Becoming a very effective communicator can set you apart on the job, as most people simply do not communicate effectively.

Miscommunication can cause significant problems, both in our personal and our professional lives.  How can someone do what you expect if you cannot clearly communicate your expectations or ensure that they understood your expectations.  

This is why Dr. Andrew Gold has developed this workshop…to get you master the skills and techniques necessary to improve how you communicate, and how to ensure that others are accurately receiving your message.  

Welcome to “Communication Breakdown: Why Don’t People Understand What I’m Saying?” a transformative training course rooted in the principles of “Beyond Emotional Intelligence: Never Have Another Bad Day!” This course is designed to unravel the complexities of effective communication, helping you to bridge the gap between intention and understanding. Through an exploration of the emotional and psychological barriers that often impede clear communication, you will learn to convey your messages more effectively and empathize with diverse perspectives. Join us to enhance your communication skills, resolve misunderstandings, and build more meaningful connections in both your personal and professional life.

More specifically, you will learn:

  • The critical components of effective communication
  • Analyze your own communication skills and develop a plan to further develop your skills.
  • Develop a variety of techniques that can improve not only how you communicate, but also improve how people understand your message


This program will change your life in every aspect – both personal and professional!

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