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How many times were you in a situation where you just reacted without thinking?  Then, once you had a chance to reflect on your actions, you wish you would have reacted differently.  As human beings, we are hard-wired to react to external stimuli before we think…it’s part of our “fight-or-flight” mechanism and is embedded in our limbic system…the part of the brain that receives the stimuli before it moves on to the rational part of our brain.  In modern times, we frequently have issues / conflicts that arise as a direct result of our acting before we have had the chance to think about it.  Many times, we wish we had a time machine and can go back to a specific moment in time and change how we acted in a certain situation.  Sound familiar?  Unfortunately, there has not been anywhere to learn and understand the mindset and skills necessary to help us train ourselves to think before we act until now.

Would you like to learn techniques that can help you improve your actions, regardless of what prompted them?  Would you like to learn to slow down and think before you act?  This half-day workshop, as a follow-up to our workshop on stress and conflict, will provide you with tools and techniques that can help.

When people are simply responding to their emotions, they tend to act out-of-character.  Many times, that causes significant problems, both at work and at home, particularly if you are reacting to very strong negative emotions, like anger or anxiety.  This is why Dr. Drew Gold has made it his life’s work to master the skills and understanding of stress reduction through Going Beyond Emotional Intelligence, to a skill he calls Emotional Dexterity.

Welcome to the “Think Before You ReAct: How to Use the IRRA Processes to Change Your Life” training program. This comprehensive workshop is designed to empower you with the skills and knowledge to effectively manage your emotional and situational responses using the IRRA framework: Identification, Recognition, Response, and Anticipation. By mastering these processes, you will learn to navigate life’s challenges with greater awareness, resilience, and confidence, transforming your reactions into thoughtful, proactive responses. This training is ideal for individuals seeking personal growth, improved relationships, and enhanced decision-making skills in both personal and professional settings. Join us on this journey to cultivate a powerful mindset that enables you to think before you react, and take control of your emotional and situational responses.

More specifically, you will learn:

  • Identify the sources and root causes of some of our most powerful negative emotions
  • Analyze your reactions to those sources and understand why you react the way you do
  • Develop different ways in which you can more productively respond to very strong, negative emotions
  • Learn to anticipate and potentially avoid negative triggers in your life

This program will change your life in every aspect – both personal and professional!

Register NOW for this life-changing event!  Contact us to schedule your preferred dates and times!

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